Planning, building, and maintenance of water facilities

  • Planning:

Based on the demands of the client, inspection of the possibilities, geological evaluation, soil mechanics, expert advice preparation, planning preparation, study plans, preparation of permitting and execution plans.

  • Construction general contracting:

Our water building engineers and technicians having several decades of experience, based on approved execution plans, will undertake and conduct execution of the project and project supervision.

  • Dredging:

Dredging of docks and beaches 3.5 to 4 meters deep are done with a Caterpillar type dredger mounted on a swinging base. The dredged waste is transported to the sludge field with the help of barges.   

  • Spreading of sand on beaches:

The goal is the removal of the unpleasantly feeling, soft muddy areas from the beaches that can be found on the northern shore, and the renovation of some of the sandy portions on the southern beaches.   With the permission of the Water Directorates, the sand dredged by us from the bottom of Lake Balaton, can be at designated areas, with the help of a lift.

The Lake Balaton shore-line settlement’s self-governments are virtually constant customers. 

  • Piling works:

Rear pilings, and pier pilings are driven in with the use a pile driver with a vibrating head.

  • Flood protection facilities, bunding construction, maintenance, stone placement:

With the help of machinery mounted on floats, we constructed protective stone walls to guard the shores against ice and waves.

  • Construction of piers, refurbishment:

With the help of our construction park, we can build concrete and reinforced steel piers, steel, and wooden piers.  According to needs, we can also place floating docks for sailboats.  We will undertake the refurbishment of existing piers, and the change replacement of pedestrian surfaces.


  • The lifting of dredged material, transporting the material:

The settled sludge dredged by us is transported using barges, and with the help of lifts, this sludge is placed into the sludge field that is located on the shore.

  • Seaweed cutting:

Beaches that are not suitable for bathing, docks, and areas that are not useable by sailboats, are freed by cutting the seaweed right above the bottom surface, and this cut seaweed is removed by us.