Technical services for boats

Boat’s refurbishing, and repairing: At our own boat-yard in Siófok, and the one that is rentable at nearby Kiliti, along with the qualified team of our company, we do

  • Renovation/repair of steel structures
  • Renovation/repair for the purpose of corrosion protection
  • Mechanical renovation/repair
  • Electrical renovation/repair

We are able to perform the following:

Boats’ technical engineering services performed by NKH certified boat technical engineers:

  • Boat designing: Preparing design documentation for new boats/floating structures, preparing design and execution documentations for the alteration of boats/floating structures as needed, obtaining permits       
  • Organization, execution, on site supervision, and the handling of documentation.
  • Damage expertise: damage evaluation that occurred on boats, expert advice 

Boats’ technical certification, management by NKH certified experts

  • Preparation for the official inspection of boats and floating structures:  According to applicable regulations, after the conclusion of an in-house inspection, the discovered deficiencies, and defects, undergo professional replacement, and with these repairs, the boat/floating structure, is prepared for official inspection.  

Bilge water treatment:

  • At our company’s premises the possibility exists for boats to get rid of bilge water, where, according to accepted norms, the water is properly treated.