Speedboating on Lake Balaton

Glide with us on Lake Balaton! Thrill, adventure, speed…

If you long for these, choose one of our two speedboats in order to reach your destination. We operate our speedboats by regular boating schedule, as well.

See our scheduled speedboat trips on the Siófok – Balatonfüred – Tihany route.

You do not have a specific destination, but would like the experience of speeding on the lake?

“Pleasure boat” with us!  10 minutes of speed gliding on Lake Balaton and we guarantee that you will be have an unforgettable experience!  

This service is only available at Siófok, Balatonfüred, Fonyód, and Badacsony.

Our speedboats can be rented at other times, as well!


Use of the “Boating possibilities” search function

At the top of the page, or rather, with the help of the “Boating possibilities” search window to be found on the homepage, you can search all of our speedboats. Select the scheduled speed boating icon, indicate the port from which you wish to depart or choose it from the provided map.  Naturally, the “search window” uses the current day as default; however, you may alter that as you wish. In the event that you do not provide a specific destination, the system will automatically provide a list of destinations that you are able to reach from your point of departure by the use of scheduled speedboats.  The “result” page of the “search” window will also provide you with all other boating services, which you can utilize from your point of departure.

Choose our scheduled speedboats in order to reach your selected destination comfortably and enjoyably. Several services, programmes, and worthwhile sites await our Guests at their destinations, so that their trip will truly be packed with enjoyable experiences. On the “result” pages of the searches on our scheduled speedboats, you can also find interesting sites and programmes that are available at your selected destination.
During high season, we provide several coupons with your boating tickets, which offer further discounts to be utilized at the service providers of the settlements of Lake Balaton. The list of our partners can be found here.

Prices and discounts related to scheduled speedboating can be found at the bottom of the page, or on the homepage under “Boating possibilities” search window by clicking on the “Price list” button where you are able to find detailed information. You can also find and download 2018 speed boating schedules and prices in PDF format under “Attachments”.