Party Boat

We will be there!  And You?

Tear yourself away from the usual world of discos and entertainment places. Party and dance with us at a very unusual place: in the middle of Lake Balaton!

With DJs, lights, retro music, as well as the latest hits, we await our dear passengers on the deck of our Party Boat.

You can choose from 12 locations and various durations the one that is the most convenient for you.


Use of the “Boating possibilities” search function

At the top of the page, or rather, with the help of the “Boating possibilities” search window to be found on the homepage, you can search all of our Party boats. Select the Party Boat icon, indicate the port from which you wish to depart or choose it from the provided map.  Naturally, the “search window” uses the current day as default; however, you may alter that as you wish. The “result” page of the “search” window will also provide you with all other boating services, which you can utilize from your point of departure.

Thanks to graciousness of Mastercard, our strategic partner, all travellers that purchase tickets from us in the months of June, July, and August of 2018 using their Mastercard or Maestro bank card will receive a further coupon from us at the ticket office, which entitles them to a further 10% discount at the boat’s buffet. This service is only valid if the products which they purchase are paid for utilizing either a Mastercard or a Maestro bank card.

Prices and discounts related to the Mastercard Party Boat can be found at the bottom of the page, or on the homepage under “Boating possibilities” search window by clicking on the “Price list” button where you are able to find detailed information. You can also find and download 2018 Party Boat schedules and prices in PDF format under “Attachments”. The booklet for all boating possibilities provided by the Balaton Shipping Company in the year of 2018 can be downloaded from this page, as well.

Travel conditions

  • The Company does not accept any liability for changes in water conditions, cancelled trips due to weather conditions, late arrivals, or any liability for missing train or bus connections.
  • The Company maintains the right to modify prices, timetables, and programmes.
  • The sailing of pleasure boats and advertised program boats are dependent on adequate passengers, while the regularly scheduled boats are not affected in any way by the number of passengers.
  • Upon request, we organise trips for groups apart from regular scheduled boats.
  • Depending on the number of passengers on a boat, we provide the possibility for transporting bicycles.
  • Only dogs wearing muzzle baskets and on leashes will be allowed on the boats.
  • The detailed traveling conditions are contained in the business regulations, and are downloadable from the attachment, or can be found at the Company’s docks.