Minimax Children Boat

Amazing adventures await you on the “Hungarian sea”!

Exciting summer adventures await children, as well as their parents on the 2019 Lake Balaton Minimax boat, which currently departs from 3 ports: Siófok, Balatonfüred, and Badacsony.  Sails up, turn the smile mode on, and let the fun begin with Mini Cat, Maxi Dog, and the favourite children orchestras.

In connection with Children’s Day in May, continuously from July up until August, we await both the “little ones”, and the “large ones” on Lake Balaton.  There will be raffles, concerts, face painting, drawing, boating, board games, snapshots, a baby corner, and of course, playfulness, laughter, and fun.

The programme is a bright spot among the Lake Balaton shoreline children’s activities, and is an active relaxation for the entire family. The organizers are prepared for the very young babies as baby corners and playing carpets await them. Older children can meet their favourite characters, jump and dance at the concerts of well-known artists. With the help of animators, they can cultivate their skills with several board and skill enhancing games; they can colour and win expensive prizes on the raffles. While the children are having fun, the grown-ups can wonder at the matchless view or choose a refreshment from the boat’s buffet.

The 1.5 hour programme is in Hungarian!


Further information about the programmes and performers can be found on the following website:

Ticket purchase possibilities at the door

In the order of arrival, the capacity of the boat, and based on the maximum number of people that can be served!

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In the event that your accommodations are not located near Siófok, Badacsony, or Balatonfüred, there is a possibility to get to the Lake Balaton Minimax Boat easily, quickly, and excitingly, by taking advantage of one of the BAHART boats.  Follow the link to get more information about scheduled boating. A menetrendi hajójáratokról itt találsz információt!


Use of the “Boating possibilities” search function

At the top of the page, or rather, with the help of the “Boating possibilities” search window to be found on the homepage, you can search all of our Minimax Children boats. Select the Minimax Children boat icon, indicate the port from which you wish to depart or choose it from the provided map.  Naturally, the “search window” uses the current day as default; however, you may alter that as you wish. The “result” page of the “search” window will also provide you with all other boating services, which you can utilize from your point of departure.

Prices and discounts related to the Minimax Children boat can be found at the bottom of the page, or on the homepage under “Boating possibilities” search window by clicking on the “Price list” button where you are able to find detailed information. You can also find and download 2018 Minimax Children boat schedules and prices in PDF format under “Attachments”. The booklet for all boating possibilities provided by the Lake Balaton Boating Ltd. in the year of 2018 can be downloaded from this page, as well.

Travel conditions

  • When purchasing the scheduled boating tickets, the actual path of the trip have to be considered!
  • The Company does not accept any liability for changes in water conditions, cancelled trips due to weather conditions, late arrivals, or any liability for missing train or bus connections.
  • The Company maintains the right to modify prices, timetables, and programmes.
  • The sailing of pleasure boats and advertised program boats are dependent on adequate passengers, while the regularly scheduled boats are not affected in any way by the number of passengers.
  • Upon request, we organise trips for groups apart from regular scheduled boats.
  • Depending on the number of passengers on a boat, we provide the possibility for transporting bicycles.
  • Only dogs wearing muzzle baskets and on leashes will be allowed on the boats.
  • The detailed traveling conditions are contained in the business regulations, and are downloadable from the attachment, or can be found at the Company’s docks.