The predecessor of the Balaton Shipping Company (BAHART) was founded in 1846 thanks to the intervention and initiation of Earl István Széchenyi. As a result, our company has offered boating services to our Lake Balaton passengers for 174 years.  BAHART owns and operates the 21 busiest ports on Lake Balaton. These boat docks and piers are also the most popular touristic sites of these settlements. Capture the unequivocal panorama on photographs, and share the unmatchable experiences on social media with the help of the WIFI service that is available at the port.

If Lake Balaton, then Boating!

Lake Balaton does not only mean summer, bathing, and partying. Lake Balaton is inseparably connected to boating, as well!  

On the waters of our national treasure, Lake Balaton, one can not only utilize runs from one settlement to another, but also choose and take advantage of several other boating services and programmes that are available in the interest of making one’s stay at Lake Balaton more memorable and exciting!

Familiarize yourself with our various boating services and programmes, which are introduced, described, and can be found on our home page, or on pages introducing the various individual boating possibilities in the search window entitled “Boating possibilities”, which can help you to decide the most appropriate service offered by us for you.

We wish you pleasant boating!

Use of the “Boating possibilities” search function

At the top of the page, or rather, with the help of the “Boating possibilities” search window to be found on the homepage, you can search our scheduled, pleasure, and programme boats, as well. Select the icon of the boating service you prefer, and either type in the point of departure or choose one from the provided map, or the dock that you wish to arrive at in the case of scheduled boats or speedboats. Naturally, the “search window” uses the current day as default; however, you may alter that as you wish. In the event that you do not provide a specific destination, the system will automatically provide a list of destinations that you are able to reach from your point of departure by the use of scheduled boats. The “result” page of the “search window” will also provide you with all other options, possibilities, and services, which you can utilize from your point of departure. (There are “simplified” search modes offered on some of the pages of our website; however, on the result page, you are also given the option to modify the parameters of the boating services that we offer in order to suit your individual needs.)