Team Building

Let’s get to know each other your colleagues at an unusual location, and forge together a successful work community, which will produce serious values in the future for your business.

For many, Lake Balaton is synonymous with summer and laying on the beach. The “Hungarian sea”; however, hides a thousand more possibilities within itself, and in addition, this fact is not only present during a heatwave and on the shore, but  also during spring and autumn, and in the middle of the lake!

Make your team building trainings unique, and adventure-packed, but more importantly, effective and productive!

Our promise mad above is best expressed in a letter from one of our previous guests, which is articulated in the thought process below:

“It was a brilliant idea to hold the team building training in the centre of Lake Balaton on a BAHART boat.  On one hand, my colleagues were not able to get enough of the remarkable scenery that I have so often experienced.  While on the other hand which was more important, we were finally able to hold a training where my colleagues were not able to “disappear” to make phone calls, to take care of personal affairs from their hotel rooms, and in this way, everyone was an active participant to the end. They remained a true team member!”    

You make up unusual assignments for your colleagues, and for this, we will provide the unusual location. The “locked together” participants  on the boat  can experience a feeling of togetherness during the team building programmes, while learning persistence in teamwork, and will be able to develop several of their skills.

During the programme, they are able to acquaint themselves with the natural and constructed beauties, cultural values, and interesting facts of the Lake Balaton region. Any one of our boats offer an ideal location for differently focused organizational development, as well as the realization of team building concepts.

At your request, our boats depart from any one of 21 docks.  We suggest one of the traditional nostalgia boats for the smaller number of participants, while for those events that have several hundred participants, we suggest a large boat. Check out or boats and choose the one that is best for you!

Allow us to assist you!  All you need to do…

Choose the “Proposal” button on our homepage, and fill in the appropriate boxes!  Based on your message, our colleague will quickly contact you, so that the best and strictly customized offer could be put together for you. Let’s develop the best solution together!