Quality issues, environment protection

Environment- and energy-conscious quality policy

The mission of the Balaton Shipping Company is to offer quality services in water transport, tourism and technical solutions besides the customer-oriented and efficient operation in the area of the Lake Balaton.

According to the vision of the Balaton Shipping Company it is the best-known, leading passenger cruise company of Hungary, and a determining, socially honored touristic and hydraulic engineering service provider of the region of the Balaton, that guarantees the efficient and effective operation that is expected by the owners through reliable manner, advanced background, and well-trained, client-oriented staff members.

The inner and outer environmental factors, the interested parties, the company portfolio and the evaluation of the opportunities of the company created the strategic base for establishing the strategic goals of the company.

Our motto for our services:


We have introduced, operate and constantly develop an integrated system of quality-, energy-, and environmental management, that guarantees the constant high quality services in passenger and cargo shipping, ferry travel, operating sailing harbors, inland boat maintenance, and our activities in designing and building hydraulic structures; and the satisfaction of our clients and passengers:

  • impeccable, punctual, timely and safe ferry travel, inland water passenger- and cargo hauling boating activities,
  • high quality and strictly inspected inland water boat design, construction, and maintenance activities,
  • the outstanding, European standard operation of sailboat docks,
  • the constant development of our fleet, docks, and services,
  • the compliance with environmental and trade requirements of our activities of designing and constructing hydraulic structures, without exceptions,
  • the constant training of our staff members, keeping up with the development of the profession, and the passenger-centered viewpoint,
  • in all of our activities we pay considerable attention on protecting the environment and preventing environmental damages.
  • we adjust the energy consumption to the size and type of the organization, identify and control those activities, that generate significant energy consumption.
  • we constantly develop our energy management performance
  • we provide our staff members with every piece of information and sources necessary for achieving the planned goals

We have determined our main goals, which are the constant development of our fleet, docks, sailing boat docks, shipbuilding, and building hydraulic structures; improving the security of the operations; increasing the professional preparedness and skills and the client satisfactions; minimalizing environmental damage; improving the energy management performance.

It is also our goal to do our tasks according to the demands of our passengers, customers and clients, and by achieving the goals of the Balaton Shipping Company as our business partners and the society require, regarding the quality of our services and the energy management activities of our company as well.