Quality issues, environment protection

In this article, you can read the information about the goal that we set for ourselves regarding quality control policy and our efforts regarding environmental protection.

Quality issue goals

Environment Protection


Quality policies of the Lake Balaton Boating Ltd.

The Lake Balaton Boating Ltd. continually strives to maintain and gain an increasing role in the Lake Balaton region regarding boating, ferry travel, sailboat dock operations, inland water boat design, construction, maintenance, and also in the area of the design of structures within the scope of engineering services.

Our slogan in the area of the services we offer:


The key to our operational culture is based on the theory of “do it right the first time.”  To facilitate this, we have instituted a stringent quality control system -as we operate and continually develop-, that guarantees outstanding quality and satisfaction in the personal– and freight boating, ferry travel, sailboat dock operations, inland water boat design, construction, maintenance, and the design and construction of structures for our clients and passengers:

  • Impeccable, punctual, timely and safe ferry travel, inland water personal- and freight hauling boating activities.
  • High quality and strictly inspected inland water boat design, construction, and maintenance activities.
  • The operation of prominent and European quality sailboat docks.
  • Our boat park, docks, and services undergo constant development.
  • Our activities of structures’ designing and construction, without exception, complies with environmental and trade requirements.
  • The constant training of our co-workers, continuously staying in step with professional development, and the traveller-centred viewpoint.
  • In all of our activities, we pay considerable attention on protecting the environment, and to avoid any harm.

We have determined our main quality control goals which are  (i) to minimize damage caused by our water park, our docks, our sailboat slips,  (ii) the development of safe operation, professional preparedness - development, increasing the satisfaction of our customers, (iii) and to the minimalize all of the environmental damage.

We adequately undertake all of the requirements of our passengers, customers, clients, and with the achievement of the goal set by the Ltd., we have fulfilled the expectations of our professional associates and the society.

Environment Protection

Waste Handling:

Our company extends special attention to selective waste collection (namely plastic, paper, and glass). We knowingly strive towards the protection of nature by selective waste collection at our sailboat slips, boat docks, and campsites. Within the bounds of this selective waste collection, we also comply with all workplace requirements as are prescribed in the legal requirements regarding waste handling.   

All of our docks have containers for collecting used batteries, which are at the disposal of our guests.

Our boats are also initiating selective waste collection, with the catamaran called Siófok serving as an example.  

Air cleanliness – pollution protection, and noise control:

We are compelled to use greenhouse effect prevention type gas on most of our air conditioners of our boats.  

Thanks to the modernization of our boat motors, we have been able to significantly reduce harmful emissions, while also reducing excessive noise.

Water quality – protection:

The restrooms operating on our boats have a sewer system, with the appropriate sewage tanks.  Thanks to this, the sewage that is contained in these tanks are emptied through connection points that are specified for this purpose at our docks, and this waste is removed and neutralized.

It is the moral responsibility of our company to remove sewage from small tanks that are located on the smaller sailboats. There is no additional charge for this service provided by our company.

We take into consideration the annual water quality testing at campsites, and designated vacationing areas, so that the water quality is always satisfactory for our guests.

Nature protection:

In addition to other docks, we pay special attention to those sailboat slips that are located at Badacsony, Szigliget, and Tihany, as those docks are part of the Balaton-Felvidék National Park.